Ahmed Capra

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Ethiopian/Italian. Born 1953 in Castelvolturno, near Naples. He is a crab louse. He arrives spinning needles on a young woman's head. He receives a 1989 Volvo 240 DL repair manual.

Capra emigrated to the United States at the tender age of 7, after Fascist sypathisers still angry over his father's activity on behalf of communist partisans bombed his house. His family moved to Miami and his father pursued his trade as a "provider of fine meats." Capra was an obnoxious punk and fled to NY at 16, just in time for punk

Beware: Syphilis Victims in the Tub

rock and smack. The AA seemed to help the troubled lad, but he never could shake his immigrant blues. Stimes bailed him out of many a scrape, and even the arch-hoodlum Alexandre Dacusse couldn't set him straight, despite their Old World rapport. Clever but shallow and hot-headed, Capra is the heartbreak of the AA.

He was also responsible for the debacle surrounding the work he published in the Dallas Dumpling regarding the organization of the Second order of Shieks and Friars (Middle East) in 1981. That is the impetuousness of youth!

Capra founded Society of Men With Secret Underwear in 1983 for the purpose of baiting Balthazar Buehb, the journalist and some-time antagonist of all things AA. Later in life, during a brief sojourn in Tampa during 1994-5, he came into contact with Michael Baldwin and drank countless beers with him.

He died from a drug overdose in May, 2000, aged 47. He'd shaved his head into a mohawk and a skipping record-- Johnny Cake --was on the phonograph.

Known Works

Life Numerically

Piss for Ethiopia, a film

Starving Life For A Buck, 1987 debate winning lay-a-thon.

A brooding Capra, captured only moments before removing his hat.
A brooding Capra, captured only moments before removing his hat.


Ahmed loved all manner of licorice candies and could be trusted to produce them almost magically.

Capra hated mushrooms.

Capra and his good friend Ignatius T. Widdleswell won a costume contest dressed as Lenny and Squiggy.