Life Numerically

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Penned primarily as a respone to Yon Milhaus' Life Alphabetically, Ahmed Capra's Life Numerically (1968) uses a similar format but lacks the numerological significance of it's forebear. The increased revolutionary tone is characteristic of Capra's work from that era.

Life Numerically

We Demand:

  1. Give me over to the opened head---again.
  2. Give me the heartfelt cake---again.
  3. Give the runaway speedwagon, dragons of ice.
  4. Give me the oberant pillow, in the chamber of Dorothy.
  5. Give me the flat elbow, nasty and cursing with scars.
  6. Give me on to the sky's implied masturbations.
  7. Give me over to the corks ungainly.
  8. Give me up on the scarf of dawn.
  9. Give me the shoes on your feet.
  10. Give me the hoary-faced gent.
  11. Give me the bulbous retreat.
  12. Give me the indigo nightly thrashing.
  13. Give me over to the kneecap's outburst.
  14. Give me the jumpsuit of desire, all threaded up.
  15. Give me the uppity wimmin folk.
  16. Give me the gregarious popneckers.
  17. Give me the egret in soup.
  18. Give me the pinions on wharves, battledecks.
  19. Give me the Priam with the hair of a babe.
  20. Give me the kidney tone's lament.
  21. Give me the usury of time.
  22. Give me over to the pulpit's acrid hue.
  23. Give me on the high-falutin' tunnel.
  24. Give me the floating glee.
  25. Give me the fat You and I.
  26. Give me the pants ill-fitting.
  27. Give me the reticent pancake.

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