Life Alphabetically

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Yon Milhaus's Life Alphabetically was originally published in 1967 as a limited-edition broadside and featured illustrations by William Flintrock. Hailed as a masterpiece of dissimulation, it was further described by conservative pundit and religious firebrand Lucas Briand as "a contemporary example of Accidentalism's stark moral code." (A Christ in Pants, no.12, p.123)

Life Alphabetically

We Value:

  1. A strong right hand
  2. Fearsome cutlets
  3. An enormous black Lilly
  4. Some ass: old lag sign
  5. A feasible demeanor
  6. No count piss-coon verbs:
  7. Aren't you the lucky one
  8. Simultaneous navigators
  9. Alligators a-sprawl upon The Blankets of Jingo
  10. An enormous Love
  11. The indescribability of nothing
  12. Cool pants, man
  13. Green, therefore, immutable
  14. The need for steadfast self-contradiction
  15. The Dialectic of Humor
  16. No doubt there is idiocy in me
  17. Ten More, always, when in need of a grammic dythrambia
  18. Dolphins are our friends
  19. Continuous adventure
  20. Hands free
  21. Hand held open
  22. Simultaneous tongue
  23. The necessity of added tongs
  24. V
  25. The penultimate more intriguing
  26. By removal--it is Mad Work to remove--the truth can be made pure
  27. Revel in Redundancy
  28. You are always, primarily, a jackass
  29. The goat-headed one, the jokester, the ass; these are the forms of greatness

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