Lucas Briand

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Lucas Briand's life revolved around two essential pivots, the insoluble value of hierarchical social organization and, most stridently, the belief in Christ's redemption of mankind through the architecture of sin-removal. The fascinating circumnavigation between these two poles is what makes his life story such a constant source of smirking bemusement.

As a youth, Lucas was averse to speaking, grimacing, or any other manner of exrapolating his inner thoughts -- which he later referred to as "a garden of sack-pouches, each one stalking the Other." The appearance of such a commanding neurological disorder led his gaurdians to procure for him the most advanced psychological treatement available at the the time -- namely, the barbarous rituals of electro-shock therapy and eventual lobotomization.

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As a child, Lucas was made to pray, very much against his will.