Xenophon Aliokrate

From Plastic Tub

Born in Olympus, Greece in 1900 or 1901.

Greek shipping magnate who was a rival of Cappy Trowbridge. He is a distant cousin, by marriage, of Rudolph St. Cloud and a high ranking member of The League of Gnomes. He is known to collect rare manuscripts and pictures of naked Gnome Scouts.

His prized possessions are a first printing of A.W. Slippers' The Shipping Lane Aside and Mazzistow Carrington's sextant, stolen from his flat sometime in the 1970's.

Aliokrate was John P. Merriweather's first employer and the alleged unseen hand behind the Gnomes.


Aliokrate refers to his vast taxidermist collection as his "silent zoo."

A precocious bureaucrat, Alikrate once offered up this apology for lying about the death of a neighbor's dog: "I regret to admit that my previous denials were, in fact, counter-truths." He was six years old.