Rudolph St. Cloud

From Plastic Tub

Born 1971, Whale Jaw Cape, Mass. He comes in on the tail end of a degenerate gene-line that may at one time have held greatness. An egret poops on his shoulder, he scoffs. He is a snarling marmot, a scamp-villain. He receives a bottle of Armanac, but he drops it.

A toff, renegade Incidentalist type of rich-kid, self-styled Young Lord (with Marak Barrister). A generally harmless sort, wispy, he can be a pain in the ass when drunk, but he's a clever raconteur. His favorite drinks are Budweiser, gin and tonics (with Bombay Sapphire), Grasshoppers and Bloody Marys.

He was introduced to the AA by Steven Adkins in Ithaca, NY, circa 1999. "Rudy" is a poet and DJ who works for Cornell University's McFludd Library of Parapsychology.

St. Cloud was in a coma between September, 2004, when he was struck by motorcycle while bicycling, and January, 2005. He has apparently escaped unharmed except in one fact: in a startling display of xenography, he has lost the abilty to write in English but can produce a flowing and fluent Portuguese.


St. Cloud is related to Xenophon Aliokrate.

Known Works

Reflections on the Greenbook

Why I should be Pope