Marak Barrister

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American. Born 1972, Albany, NY. He is not invited, though no one objects when he steps from behind a curtain, looking surprised. Generally seen as a small doe-skin cap in a mewling-match. He receives very little of note but is grateful nonetheless.

A Fig and a Folk

Barrister came to Associationalist attention through an elaborate t-shirt silk-screening campaign and his exhaustive library of adoxographical minutiae. Though he also made stickers, his t-shirt designs feigned at defining a generation, eating the collectivist movement and resulting, ultimately, in a kind of a hansom cab ride, the reign-fellow a dashing young man with a pearling blue PDA, adequately suited.

The Aleatory Channel

Against the fumes the road jiggered up -- two times. Rumoured to be hung like a mule, he is one of the Young Lords. A pharmacist by trade, he participates in AA activites very discretely and very little. He can often be seen drinking in the company of Rudolph St. Cloud, often berating his fellow-drinkers for their complete lack of understanding of "pants-oriented poetry". He himself often goes pantsless, preferring instead a kilt of rough wool.

Meat Puppet

Barrister was arrested in December, 2004, and spent 30 days in jail after calling Judge Fawna Precock a "bloated heifer". Upon his release, he was seen in the company of Jehovah's Witnesses holding forth on the relative merits of the blood transfusion. He currently sings for the punk country band Square Jaw.

Known Works

Flying by the Seat of My Pants

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His parents considered his conception spurious.