Accidental Action

From Plastic Tub

Proficiently-armed Accidentalist group founded in the wake of the 3rd AA International Conference, on October 11, 1965. Distinguished immediately by the delegates provocative agents, they were attacked ruthlessly -- Corporate Media's dealy deal. The group folded in 1967. Several members went on to participate in Yippy activities and one of the delegates of '65 was accidentally blown up in a Weather Underground bomb-lab located somewhere near Barstow, California.

"Accidental Action never boasted more than 100 members and after '65 quickly degenerated into a drug-addled neo-dada not even worthy of the name," according to Surrealist thinker Franklin Rosement.

Addisson once referred to them as "crypto-poobans with ill-fitting breeches."

No current chapters exist except in NYC and LA, and these are generally recognized to be frauds perpetrated by role-playing game enthusiasts and pedophiles kicked out of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Calling card of the  Accidental Action Group.
Calling card of the Tampa Accidental Action Group.