Creation Myths

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creation myths n. 1. How it all began. 2. An unsuitably heady topic for light social affairs.


"The pursuit of truth is what keeps us from pursuing each other." -- James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress, explaining why nerds don't get laid.

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"And so we wade through truths, mining symbols, myths, and archetypes in our search for the beginning, that original event, that catalyst -- Zeus’ thunderbolt hurled from an inky sky into the primordial seas -- that very thing that triggered it all. To consider the literal truths behind the tale is to miss the point. And so we may find pigs rolling in the first dusty settlements as men toil, seeding the soil; tobacco growing into a catalyst that fuels the flames of colonialism. We may hunt for the earliest invocation of the owl or trace the umbrella back to the stony hearts of men. We may look to that auspicious meeting of friends and find Stimes and Adid, both living on 27th, swapping mail, talking, discovering, laughing -- origins unfolding in the accident of their meeting, the association of circumstance and newfound friends, that first glimpse of the totemic 27, and the trading of letters, like the trading of ideas for years to come. We can even look to the genesis of myths, and find the Fallen Stone fertilizing the roots of the Garden of Eden, entangled in the mystical stuffs of Gnostics. And as we hunt for very origins of man we find ourselves in the damp and fecund clay, shaped and infused with the breath of the gods, forbidden fruits feeding our flickering gnosis, stones hidden in the heads of babes, and the light bulb turning on with first club-swinging chimp…." -- Carl Jung, Jr., winning the argument by boring the pants off the competition at a friendly wine and cheese lawn-party in Iowa with Nevid Kessar.

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