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Ape v. 1. When your'e angry at something, and you can't describe it, exactly like a deliberation of Thanksgiving, concerning the impossible situation -- earlier described -- of migrating your entire apartment, using only the calories available through an average morning breakfast, usually measured by a mathematical formula that emulates the mass created by an unusually dense occurence of midgets, most of which appear to be smoking cigars. 2. To imitate, esp. in a mocking manner. 3. n. A hairy and ferocious beast that lives in jungles and shits.


"Somehow the rumour that William Flintrock is "hairy as an ape" has been making the rounds. Recently as yesterday I heard it. When we hiked the GR10 in the Pyrenées last month, we went swimming. It just isn't true." -- Steven Adkins, June, 2003.

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Be careful.
Be careful.


"An ape sobs," the hidden currency is 'peso'. -- Google Ape Trivia (http://www.google.com/search?q=ape+trivia)

Planet of the Apes was originally conceived as Planet of the Ostrich.