Dr. Joseph Peter Whiteman

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Hate-filled "love-spreader" Dr. Joseph Peter Whiteman (East Dallas Presbyterian minister) was a vehement crusader against just about everything. Improperly touched as a young child by an estranged uncle, Dr. Whiteman saw Satan's Dirty Finger everywhere. After successfully closing several East Dallas bars popular for prostitution, he set his sights on Pornographers and Drug Addicts. He knew nothing of the theory of Poob Culture, but he hated it because of the way it sounded. His reckless arrogance destroyed lots of lives.

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Joseph was believed to be the son of a dog and old woman. Other superstitions and beliefs involving confusion of species around individuals and races abound in history. Sexual intercourse with animals would breed monsters with traits from both world, human and animal. Today, more than one on two people still believe that it is possible that a man makes pregnant an animal and vice versa.1 

Famous for his lengthy interview with fiery Texas journalist Roscoe Redfern in which he denounced Mazzistow Carrington as "a degenerate nigra" yet still praised his accuracy with a pistol. He added, "....and, as much as I hate to say it, his chicken dumplings are the best I've ever had. We'd had lunch, you see, to 'discuss things'...."

Whiteman's own mother declared his ideas to be “unfit for human consumption,” adding with a sympathic touch of motherly irony that, “his bark, however, is worse than his bite.”

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Note 1:  For more on this subject, see Hunimal, Monstrous Science and Teratology.


Whiteman's physician once noted that Whiteman "used his zygomatic major in a most distinctive manner. Rather reminds me of a pork chop. Or perhaps a mastiff. Yes, perhaps that's it. Hmm."

According to his personal biographer, "Joe has a tenacious grip on reality".