The Untieable Knot

From Plastic Tub

untieable knot n 1. A Catholic marriage. 2. A "one-way" knot, that, once fixed, cannot be released. 3. The product or result of an irreversible decision, esp. one concerning a thorny issue. 4. A used noose. 5. The original slogan for superglue, apparently adapted from portions of Gnomic entrance ritual. 6. An un-makable configuration -- quite simply, a knot that cannot be tied.


"Vasectomy, my dear: there will be no more..." -- Nevid Kessar's reply to churlish demands for a 15th child

"John P. Merriweather: frozen dead with Gnomic robes laced about the belly..." -- nonexistent obituary

"Knots come in two sizes -- figurable and the non-figurable. Such is the official language." - dismissive graffito discovered in the the bathroom, ruthlessly carved, Upender's Squat, 1979, reveried by Elisa Breton.

"There's no going back now!" -- Dr. Zachary Smith to Will Robinson, circa 1965

"Let no man rend asunder what God has declared one." -- from Einstein's impassioned plea to the president against the Manhattan Project

"The Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey was long believed untieable. Kook almost proved 'em wrong." -- William Flintrock, interview with Ebony magazine, 1975.

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Albert Kook's last words were mumbled, tongue tied.