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Blind man norp. 1. A person, usually a man, who is deprived of sight. 2. A numbskull. 3. An unusually non-perceptive individual. 4. A sailor's knot originating in Brittany, traditionally ascribed to one Loïc Tanguy (circa 1776).


At the 3rd AA International Conference, the Associationalists began referring to the Accidentalists as "blind men." One misguided clamper, for example, tried to impress Verna Cable with his wit: leaning over his cocktail, he slurred, "How many Accidentalists does it take to screw in a light bulb? None! Blind men don’t use lights!" She responded with a knee to the groin. “Oops,” she grinned, "My foot must’a slipped, honey. Well, with any luck now, you’ll associate me with aching nuts." The poor chap was seen later puking in alley, blindingly drunk.

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Blind men make great musicians -- and pets!