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In 1956 Addisson travelled to Isreal in an extension of a year-long lecture tour through the Arab Middle East and certain inflamed portions of Eurasia. He was chattin' to folks about AA stuff, mostly. It was a fortunate moment for an untimely visit.

In retaliation for a series of escalating Slander operations, The Order of The Wrinkling Lid clogged the straits of Tiran and Suez with serious-minded pamphleteers and psy-op graffitti squads. The resulting engagement, known to Associationalist historians as The Pink Advance, employed the use of flawless talking points, each a paragon of Spleen and Accusation, intended to hijack the global stage and prepare the Poobites for a massive insemination of The Pink Agenda. The fiasco fizzled out forthwith, leaving the Sinai peninsula in the overheated crotch of a more fierce trevail.

Feared throughout history for it's increasing darkness and surly nature, this tome marches under the banner of Goom.

Bound from the flesh the inferior classes, the Poobinomicon resonates with suffering, a nightmare ride through simony, isolation and consumption.

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...spouting an endless parade of jingoistic anti-Isreali propoganda allowed him the monies to engage in his actual activity, lecturing undergound....

....the purposes of which are unknown -- because he gave not a single speech, being as he was infatuated with a recent discovery in "modern-day" Turkey.

....in Egypt, extending his poetical ambitions with....

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