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great quantity n. 1. A breath held, very tightly, when your dad dies. 2. An unsmall, excessive, or fabulous amount; the amount desired. 3. A poor but common substitute for lack of quality. 4. The proper amount of beer.

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"...but behind closed doors, even the crustiest stalwarts of the gentile upper-caste shed their self-control. Here we find the crossroads where kings and bikers collide, the stately King Solomon and the mighty Sonny Barger: drinkers, fighters, and lovers... Here we perhaps catch a glimpse into the dark alcove where the psychologist burrows, digging into the fertile and lusty dreams locked away in unopened heads attached to zombian poobs. Guvernor Morris certainly made no excuses for his excessively liberal trysts in bedrooms of the movers and shakers..." -- from the dust jacket introduction to Women Smoke Crack, Too.

"...gluttons, poets, junkies, gamblers, joggers, warmongers, seers, outlaws, clowns, reporters... You name 'em, I've f*cked, blown 'em, rolled 'em, and had 'em come back beggin' for more..." -- C.J. Scroggins. Confessions of a Buggerer. Daylight Press. 1971.

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Poets are often not.

Sigils are likewise.

It is often assumed that great quanties of x will lead to great quanties of y:

  • Fraternities use great quanties of booze in hopes for great quanties of sex.
  • Others search for great quanties of knowledge from great quanties of drugs.
  • The "shock 'n' awe" military campaign hinged on the belief that great quanties of bombs would lead to great quanties of fear.