Koose Muniswamy Veerappan

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Born, 1944. Killed October 18, 2004 in Paparapatti, Tamil Nadu state, India.

He comes in stripped to the waist, sneering. He is given gun-oil and a tofu hot-dog, which he slips into his back pocket until it becomes an enormous butterfly. He doesn't leave before shooting off a few clips into the night air; despite the noise, he slips away without being noticed.

Veerappan was a rogue Accidentalist whose whimsy was overshadowed only by his violence. While it is true that he was a cop-killer and a kidnapper, and that he often strung up informants from trees, he was never an ivory smuggler. This was a pretext for his capture created by the Madras chapter of The League of Gnomes after he blew up two of their grottoes and busted a kidnapping ring the Gnomes were running in order to find kids to use in their mushroom-eating rituals.

Veerappan had been on the run since the first "ivory smuggler" psy-op was promulgated in the 1960's, but it wasn't until he crossed the line and kidnapped a famous Bollywood star in August 2000 that he ran any real risk of being captured. The star was in fact a prominent Gnome who would almost certainly have been killed if not for his immense popularity. Veerappan thought better of the execution and released the old man, satisfying his lust for blood by later kidnapping and killing his lieutenant. Most people concur that his later kidnappings and violence were a result of the immense strain of living life on the lamb, especially under the stigma of being involved in the slaughter of sacred elephants.

Veerappan was roundly condemned for his violent activities by most AA'ers. Although Stimes Addisson is rumoured to have been in contact with him in the last years of his life, some say through the efforts of his old long-lost cohort Tommy the bookie, most dismiss this as unfounded speculation.

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 International copyright law seemed a joke to Koose, who was often found half-naked, ripped, eminently cool.
International copyright law seemed a joke to Koose, who was often found half-naked, ripped, eminently cool.


Koose was easily riled, and on two occasions killed in cold blood Westerners who had mispronounced his name.

The first time Veerappan was arrested, it was over a plate of fried pork.