Hot Night of The Universe

From Plastic Tub

Authored with 16mm cinema intentions, Mike Baldwin and Tim Wilson created this {flagged} document -- presented here as transcribed from the original beer-soaked yellow legal pad. It cannot be considered entirely accurate. Predisposed with the exploits of an alchemical mirror, Guvernor Morris, the script, it's faced-ness, it's bleak and orange spirit so called forth by it's own terrific vision of men all among themselves equal, and all ablonded, christend, like a good Dane -- a feature that also sports the first associational appearance of Dr. Mudd, that scabrous humdrel, and also the numerous Founding Fathers and the attendant half-naked women. Of this last, most remember by spectacle the notorious Madame Beauregard.

Hot Dames Take All Night, or Hot Night of the Universe of The Taking of The Ladies


We enter the narrative into a carriage ride through revolution-torn Paris, setting up the myth of Guvenenor as inspiration for the OG statue of liberty, i.e. one's left leg in one's right hand. Note: Maybe simply shots of some ragged, anxious faces, snarled up in swaddles, chance for subtitles?

  • Some scenes/shots from inside Dr. Mudd's clinic and Chimpston Larou's cabinet.

Being the Infinite Digress Upon The Nature Of

Closeup of signatures on US Constitution, Old Guvenenor up to his shenanigans in the signatory's pantry. First shot? First sequence? Set up opposition of "documentary" style narrations, with actual narrative Allow them to become one. Use words like actual to make sure they stay that way.

  • dissolve: still --> tableau --> 18fps
  • food stamp office after guvenenor's disappearance.
  • Loss of limb shot gruesome amputee ala chocalate syrup and saws. Maybe cut up to GM's face and he's cool as a cucumber, with pipe. ?


seduction scenes long: loss (franklin?) of limb, non sync: at least 3 short fore-tails.

  • selected conversations of the guvenenor/dr.mudd dialectic, amputee, amputator.

An Exercise

Auto erotic Defenestration

Peep hole Vision; much, or at least one of two shots, camera through a glory hole, GM's exploits, mostly sexual in nature. All other Founding Fathers are depicted as pathetic dullards, plodding through life, miserabalists.

The Incredible Origin of the Missing Leg

or Point of Removal: Scene of GM's recovery period. - in Dr. Mudd's clinic.

  • "Because Guvenenor Morris had been such a scoundrel for so many years, he had an unsavory reputation he knew good and well that he would be ostracized for his behavior if you ask me he's his own left leg." -Madam Beauregard, 1\1902, LousyAnna US.

Possible shots:

  • elected Founding Father reports his disdain to the rest of the FF gaggle.
  • Tableau of a 1$ food stamp.
  • M. Beuaxregard is her own damn self.
  • Silhouettes/shadows of a male pissing, fist fights, amputee penis, leg, arm, head musings.
Described by voice over w/ disparate visual accompaniment, they must fistfight, french revolution leg wave, etc.

We need a consistent voice over character 111

List of Action Type People

  • "Founding Fathers -- GOT ANY!??" - space Ghost, 1999
  • G. Morris
  • DR Mudd, drunk with a dirty cigar
  • Ben Franklin, GW -->--< No franklin, Jefferson or Madison, suarez or kook?
  • Madame Beauregard
  • min. 4 wives (all lined up with butts in the air)

an anecdote about GM habit of going around in disguise, chatting up friends, attending funerals, he mugs Washington. How does cappy play into this? --- capernicus trowbridge

15-20 minutes

bw and color, 16mm

seamless narrative, reaction against challenge, biographical angle, frozen frames and jilty epilepsy

signing declaration, disparates hall

All the Founding Fathers are women or minorities, close up handshaking all naked except for Guvenenor, cut into Gov. fucking their wives, all that sort of thing, philandering. The wives are in full New England get-up and guv

different handwriting, different women, will set the scene

Guvenenor as the scribe by

writing he defines the act of writing that is the unspoken master of the proceedings, note: Lets' get the pen ex.

cobblestone road CU w/carriage

possible to environs of the Hot Dame suit

Beginning as above "skritch" "skritch"

writing the constitution juxta w/ guv, period guv defenestration, pistol fight, etc, convention

straight narrative, cross cutting sync sound

husband approaches

guvenenor seduces culminating in

when husband arrives possible cut to

the same actors, in reminder guise

sitting in the contemporary stay reading the lines dryly, on a stage set


jumps out through (unreadable) bushes

into NY street

the fully formed St to wooden shac


Mudd is out front "Let's erase that leg"

Guv: "No, by adding purity you arrive at the truth."

Mudd Dialogue: utmost important

mudd like a Hemingway yoda convinces guv.

to remove his leg, a statesman of the world

france, (unreadable, for several lines) etc

Possible Indian style animation, wooden leg icon

After amp, a complete reversal --

rejection of self (several items marked out)

he has fallen prey to Mudd.

(place Guv. as writer, not scribe)

here we have inner dialogue between

he rejects the dia, w mudd as ext. dialogue

mudds clinic is a universe

Meat takes gravy in clinic. Guv. leave of clinic -- resolve -- sends

him to a quick reassurance of "things staying the same"

last release walks a runaway (unreadable) down the lane until

running across the corn field w/ stump in hand for drama mudd ----->mansion

then throws his stump into the upper window

it lands upright

  1. tumbles in corner
  2. looks up
  3. bed look, etc

and then guv. appears, the woman smiling

Critical Appraisal