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Critics agree that Stan Lee's On Human Sass could be one of the most difficult plays ever performed for audiences to endure. This "Super Hero cum Super Ego tour de force" (Walloon, 1985) is really a slight retelling of the even more unendurable play Pardon Me Priapus by Dr. Peter Von Fondle. The play is basically an everyman story about a Super Ego who fractures into several autonomous complexes and seeks base fullfilment, each according to their (its) complex. The first act, based on the so-called "Anal Complex," or rather, fixation, cleared most theatres before the Important Characters even approached the stage. The second act was supposed to be interpreted by an "Anti-Depressant Priest" but seemed unsure and poorly realized. There are rumours that "South American Film and Media Phenom" (Garcia, 1979) Maria Madrid Mantu has starred in a version made with the financial backing of The League of Gnomes, but bootleggers say that the rumours cannot be confirmed.

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