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mustache inst. 1. A hairy growth about the upper lip used to indicate a small bird or an amiable visitor, a primitive vigil, made ramble -- the time is now! I've found a thousand times, I have to ramble on. 2. A ritual item. 3. Thirteenth sign on the O'Donnely Zodiac Placemats. 4. A bisexual companion. 5. The American flag, circa 1973. 6. An upper-mouth ring which appears without shaving.


Disguises and attempts to look old enough to buy beer. Favored implement of outlaw bikers, cowboys, policemen and burly homosexuals.

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A mustache, or "moustash" has appeared as a character in many AA plays.

As with many items, the symbolism here is elastic, forming itself --- ready to kick it, wide-eyed.

Guvernor Morris once fashioned a mustache he described as the essence of "tamed cythonia".