Lil' Dacusse

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As a major player in the Lil' AA world, Jonathan Trenchwheat's adaptation of Alexandre Dacusse featured an elephant's trunk, a regal cap, and a beguiling boyish charm. He was was the most popular Lil' AA action figure in both the U.S. and Japan.

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Lil' Dacusse was one of many artistic adaptations of Alexandre Dacusse; another includes the Fonz.

The phallic implications of Lil' Dacusse's prehensile nose were the subject of a Congressional Hearing instigated by the Comics Code Authority.

Wilhemina Forkes once kicked Alexandre in the gut in retaliation for a comment made by Lil' Dacusse. Trenchwheat was "terribly amused."

For reasons unclear, Lil' Dacusse never smiled.

According to the simian Tub-dweller David Payne, "Lil' Dacusse, like 'Big A', is all Desiderata!"

Lil' Dacusse, trunk held high, played opposite the first exposed breasts in a U.S. nationally syndicated comic.