Wilhemina Forkes

From Plastic Tub

Born on August 22, 1925 in Berlin, Germany. She flops down on the couch, full of gas. She is a sow. She receives a subscription to Mad Magazine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mad_magazine). She is, too, a pig -- but a dapper one. She receives a pair of rusting tweezers in a compact.

Illustrator and graphics wizard of Reticent 27 original series. She and Addisson were very close friends and they once worked together to bring out splendid posters, handbills and stickers. She is also credited with much of the writing of the One Year Plan. A feminist before the word existed, an adventurer, a furious collage artist, she lives now in Philadelphia selling voodoo of some sort from a trunk on wheels, cruising South Street half mad from too much cheap liquor, but ever lucid, a diamond bullet, chain-smoking thin Dutch cigarettes sent to her by a cousin in Antwerp.

She was an official delegate at the Second and 3rd AA International Conferences. She missed the first one because she was on assignment in Nairobi, Kenya, searching for yellow-cake uranium and giraffe sculptures.

Known Works

Stimes: A Remembrance Based On Association, Not Truth, Thus True., memoir.

Ducasse: Splendid Was The Fight, Not The One Before Breakfast, The Other One memoir.

We Will Wear Pants Or Nothing At All, proto-feminist manifesto co-authored with Verna Cable

Forkes in a playful mood, 1959, Guatemala City. Photographer unknown.
Forkes in a playful mood, 1959, Guatemala City. Photographer unknown.


Grit Magazine once referred to an aging Forkes as an "affable pink-pants of the highest calibre, attentive, affordable, out-call only. Four stars."

Mazzistow Carrington was afraid to kiss her in public due to his Texas upbringing.