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bleezy scot. 1. Affected by alcohol or similar intoxicant; besmirched by besottedness (The red-faced and bleezy-eyed Santa's days were numbered). 2. Wacky tobaccy. 3. An affable street urchin who irregularly graced the Lil' AA strip.


"Never that homie... Trust, the first one is NOT still wrapped in plastic, and even get a lil play in the hoo-ride... Flamin hot CHEETOES w/ lime!!!! So... $2 & the Highlife'll getcha some muzak... I might even choke a bleezy wit the first taker!" -- posted by Pete Parka1  on 602 Streets Dot Com (

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Note 1:   "pete parka is not a member of any public groups" (referenced as above).

Luck o' the Irish
Luck o' the Irish


Bleezy was the inspiration for the seeming incongruous Mr. Magoo and Rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer.