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Robin was the imaginary friend of all the Lil' AA scamps and scal-a-wags who populated Jonathan Trenchwheat's popular comic strip. Known for his amusing antics and oversized head, Robin often whizzed about delivering the characters snack cakes and pancakes.

Robin was always attired in ill-fitting capri pants, red as a fire engine, bulbous blue shoes, white pirate shirt and green elongated cap, which flew behind him as he sped along his way. An almost tourettic spewer of non-sequitors, onomatopoetic exclamations and sentence fragments, he was also a irrepressible singer of tunes, mainly of his own invention. The Sunday edition of Lil' AA was periodically comprised of panels which showed Lil' Robin Redpants running hither and yon, startling gape-mouthed strangers with a plate of cakes, the dialogue bubbles consisting entirely of one of his improvised and nonsensical songs.


Lil' Robin has been described as a metaphor for the Jack of beanstalk fame. (Gonzales, 89)

Non Canonical Text

"Falling rain has often produced disaster." Robin uttered this non-sequitor to Lil' Dacusse in a strip three weeks before a flood in Santa Fe, Argentina destroyed hundred of homes, killing dozens and displacing thousands (January, 1961). Alexandre Dacusse had left a friend's house, where he had been staying, only two nights before. Though his friend did not live in Argentina, bullets were dodged in the vernacular.

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Lil' Robin Redpants' appearance was modelled on the future Vice-President, childhood actor Dick Cheney.

Donald Trump suffers from Lilrobinaphobia, stemming from an incident as a child in which he was so engrossed in the comic that he pooped his pants -- twice. His childhood nickname from thereon: Lil' Donny Brownpants.