La Ligue du Masque Cancéreux

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Born 1667 in Tolosa, France, under the banner of a True Pink doctrine, early manifestos seem indicate that the group was a splinter faction from La Ligue d'Agenda de la Pinque of Avignon, which had already been active for well over half a century. Although the differences seem to have sprung from various esoteric doctrines too subtle to determine, the effect was plain enough. The chroniclers of the epoch report vicious street fighting, arsons, lynchings and outright warfare between small armies of enraged members. At some point a truce was made and the groups decided to remain separate but amicable; perhaps the focus was on their common enemy, apparently a group or groups of petty aristocrats dedicated to the worship of Molech.

The Mask enjoyed great popularity from the South of France to the Piedmont for forty years from its founding. Although its public activity seemed to have died out in the early 1700's after its reconciliation with La Ligue d'Agenda de la Pinque, it flared up briefly again in 1775 and continued to appear sporadically until 1812. The Cancerous Mask was forced underground during the French Revolution and thought extinct, but in the years following the Second World War, various manifestos were published by persons claiming the contrary. To this day an occasional broadside is mysteriously deposited at the Bibliothéque Nationale in Paris, as well as in the archives of the Haute-Garonne and Tolouse. Various newspapers also receive copies.

It is said that the contemporary League is an upstart with no authentic claim to a direct lineage, but Dr. Marie-Jeanne Sicre, of Mirail Université Toulouse, believes the current manifestation to be authentic. She points out that the old families of Tolouse never doubted the continued existence of the League. Her argument offers no conclusive proof but remains convincing nonetheless. Recent documents discovered in the archives of the Department of the Haute-Garonne, with highly-stylized and symbolic references to enemies of the League, including Scientology, the League of Gnomes and various Molech Cults, are still being studied to determine if in fact such proof exists.

Suspected members include Paolo Grignotti, Pietri Biberoni and Copernicus Trowbridge.

Organizational Structure

The inner structure of the group is still a mystery to outsiders, though it's generally accepted the League eschews a rigid hierarchy, preferring instead a method of ranking and advancement based on the ability to lift bulky, ill-shaped objects.


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