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fume(s) A. 1. The product of a failed evocation, liable to sprain a limb and rend the mind. 2. Born, jacketed, sent on his way from the altar where Abraham failed in duty; named Ishmael when the name should be Isaac, named Isaac when the name should be Ishmael; a clamp. 3. The by-product or remainder of vapor. 4. False testimony, a simulacra. 5. The remaining portion of a previous wealth; the product of reduction.


"This culture is running on whatchacall, fumes." -- Televy Gide, in his fortunate confession. "If a bullet could talk, this bullet shot fume like a foamy thigh." -- the Old Blind Man in Blood Red Blues.

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Fumes was the name of a squealer in Blood Red Blues who had nevertheless attended several Vatican Breakfasts.