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Freemasonry org. 1. A vast number of self-inflated and pseudo-veiled autotelic human organizations of dwindling membership formed in medieval times; principally granted value via conspiracy theories bolstered by peculiar opposition from various other autotelic human organizations (e.g., the Church and communist governments).

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Like the last wriggles of deflating balloon,
Or the twitches of worms cut in two;
Once puffed with vapor --
Now wheezing on fumes

-- Miller, Arthur. Noted in margins of early draft of "Death of a Salesman." Circa 1948.

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Name your favorite Franklin. He was a Freemason. Name your second favorite Franklin. Yep, he was a Freemason, too.

A.W. Slippers and Senator Locust B. Burley were Freemasons.