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eugenics, eugenia. n. 1. An institutionalized exterminatory practice, derived and motivated by the elaboration of racial theories through the use of primitive genetics. 2. Very popular edict strangely agreed upon by conflicting groups yet which still remains Taboo beyond the boardrooms of America.

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From U.S. Congressional Report 1971: "Still considered all too in-humane, the unfulfillment of the more important parts of Quantum Ethics will have to express themselves in another future."

"Just as a stream will be impure that takes its orgins from a cesspool, so will the children be defective." -- Charles Dight, mentor to Dapper Clementine and founder of the University of Minnesota's Institute of Human Genetics and author of such publications as Human Thoroughbreds -- Why Not? and The Moron Menance.

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The Eugenix were a popular line of toy robots introduced into the pre-teen market by Hasbro in 1986.

Sir Francis Galton  (, the first significant eugenics theorist, had an insatiable appetite for hot dogs.