Hot dog

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hot dog, frankfurter, weiner n. 1. A tube of meat scraps most often used as a delicious snack, inspired by the sausage; myogenic niblet. 2. Used as an expression of delight or enthusiasm: "Hot dog we're rockin' now!" 3. A showoff.


The hot dog has recently been used in contests celebrating the ability to stuff as many of the things into one's stomach as possible in the allotted time of one (1) minute.

Young Japanese men seem uncannily adept at this ritual game. Stimso Adid proposed that the "sport" be included in the Olympic games, lobbying the International Olympic Committee upon at least three occasions. His last campaign led to an investigation by the US Secret Service, due to an eloquent passage in his proposal that compared the ritual to "stuffing lit sticks of dynamite up the President's ass."

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Jonathan Trenchwheat suffers from a hot dog phobia arising from the time his uncle's "Kwik E Mart" was robbed by a man wearing an enormous foam hot dog over a black body suit. Strangely, he loves black body suits!

H.L. Mencken called the hot dog "a cartridge filled with the sweepings of abattoirs."

It's the only dog that feeds the hand that bites it.