Emasculaton of Moses Wright

From Plastic Tub

Famous Painting in l'Hôtel Jamais (author unknown). The Emasculation of Moses Wright, although seemingly quasi-mythical, does have roots in actual fact. Protestant Radical Moses Wright's body was found in the rectory of St. Angelique Cathedral, an atypical 14th-century basilica in Arkadelphia Turkey. His surgically divided Body1  was "Chequered with Hot Branding Irons." His Mouth was full of tracts then unfamiliar. The painting is a large oil on wood depicting the limbless and headless torso of Moses Wright, with with two severed peni resting Quarter to Ten about his navel. Children are not allowed in the hotel.

Stimso Adid said the painting represented "the finest work anonymous has ever produced."

The painting was stolen in 1996 and briefly recovered after a fierce gunbattle in which the thieves escaped but left the painting behind. Investigations have lead to dead-ends at every turn. Certain wags have tongued about Xenophon Aliokrate.

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Note 1:  Ryan O'Donnely met a similar end.