Cessation of public activity

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Most thoroughly described by Humphrey S. Didium in his landmark study of secret societies, Everything That's Not. Didium (1914-1981) gave a speech at the 3rd AA International Conference which has since given conspiracy theorists a lot of fodder for speculation. His speech, which contained several cursory allusions to Gnome practices, has left many dubious as to his affinities. He was, however, almost certainly not a member of The League of Gnomes or in any way "in the know" about their activities.

In the year of his death he attended an Incidentalist Dead Flesh Bonanza.

Further Extrapolation

The fourth distributive stage of Alpha Chimp material--largely unsuccessful even by the most blindingly opportunistic valuation scheme--is also called "cessation of public activity" aka "going out of business."

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"It's time for nap," she said with a glimmer in her eye. He choked on his asparagus, a spear gone down wrong; hands clutched 'round him yanking on his clavical. She licked his ear and the waiter blushed. Drowning.

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