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bicycle n. 1. Two-wheeled human-powered transporter. 2. To rotate between two lovers.


With the bicycle came the need for the modern road, bloomers1 , and modern machine shops. Two of these three inventions "paved" the way for the tank. The bike and the tank famously did battle in Vietnam, where it was found that the bike and the tank were equals in war -- if there were no machine guns. As there are, in fact, many, many machine guns in Vietnam, the tank has been driven to oblivion.

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Note 1:  "Of course I'm wearing pants! See -- here are my bloomers!" -- an indignant, pant-less roller-blader, lifting her shirt while arguing with a beer-soden Payne in the VFW last night


The bicycle is the most efficient means of non-verbal communication.

...overcoming drag requires raw power. -- Wikipedia

David E. H. Jones ( has a peculiar habit of creating self-proclaimed "un-rideable bicycles" and then publishing papers explaining how he rides them with ease.

"Sociologists suggest that bicycles enlarged the gene pool for rural workers by enabling them to easily reach the next town and increase their courting radius." -- Wikipedia

A boneshaker is not a sexual device. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Motorcyclists call speed wobbles "tank slappers".