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dead body n.v. 1. Narrative space, defined by fucking idiots. 2. A state of future being, devoid of consciousness; a potentiality of any sort, usually dreadful. 3. A dramatical totem of immense popularity, signaling the engagement of a puzzle, a journey or a jolly romp, and otherwise initiating a series of elaborate narrative shake-downs.


"Over my dead body are they going to make me go back."
"I knew he was having dreams, nightmares," Lisset said. "He would wake up at night really sweaty. When I popped around the next day for a few drinks, he had become a dead body. I can't explain it."


The dead body just sat there. A weight on top of the world. No past, no future; just a dead constant present - one of the lucky ones.
The dead body was an AA member since Stimes' day. The dead body knew Dutch, Dutch did not know the dead body. AA was the connection - but there was no link - and the dead body enjoyed the new found life as a dead body. It's not such a bad job after all but the foie gras reeks.
The dead body used to sing children's songs for a living. Spaghetti Worm was a popular tune among 3 year olds and earned the dead body honors among peers. The dead body could reflect on this and smile. But the dead body was not the dead body - rather "some Accidental Associationalism mind bender" (Johnson, p. 13) - the dead weight of the world is upon us. There may be no forgiving this time around.
Dutch probed further back in time and remembered a favorite poem he used to sing in choir school:
Lo and behold the Father
of Righteous Wrongdoings
Answers our darkest Prayers
Lo and behold the Mother
of Wrongful Righteousness....

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Jonathan Trenchwheat was celebrated in his High School Yearbook as "Most Likely To Animate A Dead Body."