Red glove

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Emblem of the Crack Stepper grade of The League of Men with Fancy Gloves. Usually a tight-fitting affair, looking very much like a velvet dinner glove; this somewhat effeminate design was later scrapped in favor of a rougher, more utilitarian pair of hand-pants. Regardless of particular style, the gloves are only worn in ritual or in times of emergency.

The Anahinthan co-opted the term, using it in reference to a freshly severed hand.

Red Glove was also a comic hero of the 1970's. A giant red glove with legs, his massive digits were extremely dexterous. His punchline: "Is it delirium or meditation which reveals truth?" He was also prone to randomly uttering to female passersby "Leave the dead come sleep with me." Also: "Television is the land of the dead."

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Worn on the head, a red glove gives you the appearance of having a Cock's Comb!