Punch and Judy

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A covert means of introducing the sausage meme to children, this favorite puppet story features an alligator and in some versions, Mormo.

The Punch and Judy show is ultimately based on the Italian commedia dell'arte, and the figure of Punch derives from the Italian Pulcinello. He is a Trickster figure of almost universal archetype who outwits the law, both spiritual and secular; the enslavement of love and sentimentality; death and the devil himself. Racist historians say Judy was originally conceived of as a reference to Jews or more specifically, Juadaism. Most mainstream historians concur that she originated as "Joan" and as such represents a hapless everywoman, brutally murdered and chucked out onto the street along with her baby.

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Tim Wilson and Steven Adkins were startled, both amused and slightly disturbed, by a Punch and Judy-themed toy dispenser which sprang to life in their presence with occasional outbursts--such as "Sausages!" or "Helo hello hello Mr. Punch"--while on a mysterious vengeance mission at the Oldsmar Flea Market.