Massive Dinner Send-Back

From Plastic Tub

Famous guerilla protest of middle-American values performed by several radical groups in cafes and diners across America in the Spring of 1955. Started by The League of Men with Fancy Gloves when they found out that the owner of certain establishments were ranking members of The League of Gnomes, the protests began in Chicago, spreading eventually to all parts of the United States and Anglophone Canada.

Protestors showed up in large groups and began to order enormous quantities of food, every dish of which was subsequently returned until violence erupted and the police came and stopped it all. Any Small Political Phenomenon from the mid 1950's.

Stimes Addisson was once caught up in the aftermath of one these protests that covered an entire town he happed to be travelling through. He always spoke angrily of the time he couldn't get his fill of pancakes and pig because all the local diners were on red alert for strangers. He was nearly lynched by a pack of Greeks until he showed them his Amway-style poetry samples. This was in 1955.

Motherf---ers had my head bent over a deep frier. Fortunately I was able to fling a copy of Tallow Tunnel onto the griddle where the delicately upturned corners and kining smoke mesmerized the mob. I never got the special breakfast, but I did manage to scamper away while they were distracted.
--Larry King Live, 1987.

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