Mack Calvin

From Plastic Tub

Born in 1973 in Abilene, Texas.

Drakkar-Noir spokesman and controversial subject of the The Farmer Diary. Though he does not by normal understanding exist, he nonetheless touches hearts, souls -- and given proper vapor materialising technology -- he has touched no less a subject than Krystine Monitzer's invisible ass.

Calvin is a notorious Texas Patriot who believes in no less than a Presbyterian Theocracy for the Republic of Texas. Virulently homophobic and pretty racist too, he still comes across as genteel and likable, if only in his presence. From a distance he remains somewhat repulsive, if only for his abilty to make one forget his bad qualities with a witty aside or a well-placed "aw-shucks."

When he is not agitating on behalf of secession he works as a professional model.

He once threated to kill Stimes Addisson.

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