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napkin blog n. 1. The analog representation of auto-biographical data, primarily rendered as a replication, a recording of personal data in a popular, easily shared format. 2. A form of recording technology framed in the personal, prepositioned as the expansion of attention for those otherwise diverted. 3. Quite simply, a biographical log on a cocktail napkin. 4. A daily log of one's bowel movements, usually smeared upon white or pink paper; in the Third World, newsprint is often used.

Futher Extrapolation

The purvey of worthless punks, the napkin-blog is a favored medium of those who toot horns, who shop endlessly, who cut their lawn only by proxy every early Sunday, who launch winking ass-grabs, who pickle up at exposure, who posture among the crippled, who smoke outside Dakota Meeting Rooms, who pimp a mom and her tea-cozies, who telephones his lines in, who fakes the elaborate performance, who turns off the T.V. who quietly dies a very loud death, who weeps and those who, by action of their own, overtly bloviate and stamp about, limbs akimbo, claiming membership in the Young Lords.


"The blogosphere is written by all of us, on nappies." -- surprised utterance of an Alexandre Dacusse, to Strafe! Magazine reporter Guileless Maccabee.

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