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American. Born September 28, 1970 in Tampa, Florida. He arrives in between the particle beam set up for security purposes -- and still handling the clay. He shows it around. He is a street dog snarling, yo. He receives a pair of prosthetic sternums.

Commonly viewed as a poet and lazy-eyed sag-a-bout, Adkins spends his time making children and sunning throughout exotic locale -- often to the detriment of local regimes. The American C.I.A. has him listed as "non-dangerous but exceptionally cumbersome; informational value is retrograde in the extreme. Marked for further study." He lives in Tolosa, Françe. He is a lifelong fan of fictional boxer Clubber Lang (, and when he is not writing poetry or investigating occult crime, Adkins can be found in Le Boxeur Maudit, a club for amatuer pugilists from around the area, securing interviews for the local boxing press.

His hobbies include gardening, shoe-moldering and executing off-handed acts of vandalism upon café chairs. He was once arrested. He has a penis, remarkable only for it's ability to balance bar-chairs for coin, spread peanut butter, or scrawl aphorisms into the char-women that strike his evervarying fancy.

Known Works

The Redbook

The Blackbook

The Bluebook

The Greenbook

Incident, or Accident?

Two In The Hand

Reticent 27, second series, Co-Founder/Editor.

The Cutlet, co-author with Tim Wilson

While the Woolgatherers Weep, the Corner Lot Explodes, co-author with Timothy Wilson

Adkins suffers from narcolepsy.
Adkins suffers from narcolepsy.


As a child, Adkins enjoyed hiding under coffee tables, emerging only when lured by treats.

The barely visible scar on Adkins' face was made when he was attacked by an ostrich while on assignment in Africa.

As a youth, Adkins invented Knot Man, a comic superhero with "Special Rope Powers!!!" learned from his sailor-father and cowgirl mother.

While in college, Adkins lived on the upper floor of a shack that was occasionally attacked by roof rats from a neighboring palm tree.