Guys on the crew

From Plastic Tub

Namely, Jed Barnes and Ned Smith, roadies from the Poughkeepsie area who set up the stage for various AA events during the "slow period" of the mid-eighties.


Dutch looked over at the guys on the crew. They were mingling with the dead body - takin' photos, just poor motherfuckers without a clue. A clew really is what they...nothing you could put your hand on.

Dutch wandered off to the opposite side and lit up a smoke. Then dropped the cigarette. He digressed in his mind to a summer vacation, on the lake, girls, bubble gum, dead bodies. Too many and Dutch got angry with himself. He was losing his mind. Get back to the center. But there is no center. He was fucked.


Guys on the Crew was the popular follow up to the adult video Little Man in the Boat.