Encephalitus City

From Plastic Tub

A small suburb of Tampa, Florida, notorious for its vicious black market and mysterious eccentrics. The City is actually a small village known for its large demographic of psychics, clairvoyants and psychotics. Although yet to be stopped by the police, it is from here that the shadowy Mr. Korea, a Buddha-like man who smokes big fat cigars, moves everything from cheap imports to heroin. It was also the site of the "sin-sational" Chrystal Kelp date-rape trial in 1986.

The unusual name of this small town is commonly thought to derive from the abundance of mosquitoes in the region, but this is not the case. The name was created by a romantic yet hardly literate stationmaster, one Willy Peacock, who had confused the name of Alexander the Great's horse, Bucephalus, and has no intentional relation to the name of the brain inflammation commonly caused by viruses.

"The EC" has the unfortunate distinction of being the nation's leader, however, in cases not only of encephalitis and malaria, but of other less fashionable mosquito-borne diseases.