Mr. Korea

From Plastic Tub

Korea began his career as a penniless immigrant in Florida's orange groves, where he originally was known as "the Chink." Establishing himself as handy with a knife early on, he soon rose to the top of the underworld of undocumented migrant laborers, where he directed a team of drivers in a vast immigrant trafficking scheme. He left this line of work after an unfortunate accident which resulted in a number of deaths.

Korea turned towards drugs and cheap electronics. A powerful man, he is said to be proficient in several forms of martial arts and the art of the deal. He smokes Cuban cigars, is immensely fat and sometimes takes to wearing a cardboard crown spray-painted gold.

His base of operations is Encephalitus City. He is rumored to be well connected to the shipping industry and is known to frequent several questionable offices in the Port of Tampa area.

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