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toom mt. 1. Destitute; hollow; without. 2. Clamper slang for a Dutch hooker. 3. A receptacle for trash; a dump. 4. To empty. 5. Free time, only boring.


"Her mutchkin stoup as toom's a whissle." -- Burns, Robert. Earnest Cry & Prayer vii. 1786.

...the innards of a jack-o-lantern, the soul of a man...

"She..was like to hae toomed it a' out into the slap-basin as she was to toom the likes o' you." -- an obsolete Scottish insult, hurled as a precurser to fisticuffs

"New Orleans, toomed by nature and doomed by men...."

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Zero times anything is zero.

Remember, kids, that "toom" is just "moot" spelled backwards!