Cleo James Thurstunwell

From Plastic Tub

French, born 1942. He steps in a huge pile of dog shit, tracks it all over the place -- and blames it on his manservant. We believe because his enormous face -- like a meathook -- it's always smiling. Thus he recieves twelve frowns, parcelled out with lunatic ritual. He takes the form of Pinatubo.

Cold War Hot Chocalate

Eisenhower-era Mystic and Heretic of European descent. Cleo James Thurstunwell's claims of Royalty were never accepted. Famous for prophetic and apocalyptic reinterpratations of TV Guide. Disbarred from The League of Men with Fancy Gloves. Excommunicated from the Holy Catholic Church. Fired from numerous teaching jobs.

Last Call

Spent time in prison for tax evasion for his part in the Nuremberg Cult Expo Fiasco. He died barefoot to the navel, discredited and penniless. His main claim to fame was his collection of exquisite silk hula dancer ties and his hard-hitting reports from Saigon during the Tet Offensive.

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Infamously appropriated Mazzistow Carrington's chili recipe to blue ribbon heights.

Cleo's brother, Leo, was a founding member of a popular Civil War re-enactment society.

Cleo is often taken to be a famous psychic.