Nuremberg Cult Expo

From Plastic Tub

International Cult Networking Exchange and Suicide Workshop of 1962. Peculiar episode in World Religion where conflicting religious cults gathered in Nuremberg for a three-day festival that ended in catastrophe when the organizers realised much too late that the hotel was shared with a large group of people who believed they had survived the destruction of a great city from the future, called "Wi-Wi," who could be quickly mindwashed into suicidal zealots. Many Philosophers call it a Meta-Ritual, and praised the working of the Architect's hand. Those who did not kill themselves eventually withered away becuse nobody was there to tell them what to do. The organizers who were caught spent time in jail on other outstanding accounts.

The IRS audit of Reticent 27 in 1963 was most certainly a result of this affair.