Bangcock Willie's

From Plastic Tub

Philadelphia bar frequented by underworld types and the more thuggish elements of The League of Gnomes. Somehow, it became the leading gay bar of its era for five or maybe, twelve minutes. It receives an email from a long-lost friend.

"BW's," or "Willie's," opened in 1947 and originally served a rowdy crew of roustabouts, longshoreman, rickshaw mechanics, and circus performers. It soon became a strange mixture of mobsters and homosexuals, given that proprietor Saul Thebo was himself heavily involved with both subcultures. For a brief moment in the late 1960's, BW's cartoon mascot was a pugilistic leprechaun blatantly copied from the University of Notre Dame, officially named "Bunghole Willy" after a vote by the North American Drag Queens Union, Local no. 27. Some sore losers refused to accept the results of the election and called him by the 2nd-place winning name, "Dick 'Fudgie' McPacken."

It was the scene of the infamous Showdown Post Facto between Alexandre Dacusse and Ryan O'Donnely in 1968.

After Thebo's death in 1977, the bar fell on hard times and was closed when the neighborhood became gentrified during the 1980's. The building was soon transformed into a dry-cleaners, coincidentally owned by a young couple from Bangkok, Thailand.


Stimes Addisson once sold Bangcock to a group of Chinese investors for 27 million USD and a lifetime supply of bespoke pants.

Bangcock, according to the CIA World Factbook, is the world's leading center of banging cock.