Banana slut, you?

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A company specializing in fine men's pants started by Stimes Addisson and Stimso Adid in 1984, with the financial backing of unseen partners widely suspected to be Yakuza.

BSY?, as hipsters and jet-setters worldwide know it, was the culmination of a lifelong dream held by Adid. He was the inspiration and prime-mover. Addisson, though a member of the board and a fashion consultant, was there to support his old comrade. Together, with almost no knowledge of the fashion industry but between them a wealth of expertise developed over the years as connoisseurs of fine pants, they created a small but reputable firm whose products are worn and admired all over the world.

Their one marketing mistake seems to have been caused by the lure of easy money dangled before them by the producers of the International Male catalogue. They badly damaged their reputation by going glam with a

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series of breezy legwear, using their patented Gilga-mesh fabric, which looked as though it would be more at home in cheesy European gay bars than along the boardwalk. The line was withdrawn and some good-natured self-mockery by Adid on the talk show circuit saved the day; today the pants are a much sought-after item among ironic rich kids.