From Plastic Tub

Associationalist tract handed out to churchgoers and hardware store patrons by various members of the Accidentalist group of Chicago, immediately following The Great Schism. It is unique among documents from this period in it's strident religiosity, being essentially warmed over New Age Gnostic Clap-Trap. Also unique is the unusually strident radicalism, whose character is distinctly flavored by the cultural upheavals of The Sixties.

These elements are a marked departure from the Politically Obscurantist publications coming from the Associationalist camp during this time. The full text is reproduced below.


"By removing, it is mad work to remove, the truth can be made pure."
In curious times such as our own, we need genuine gnostic experience. We need blindness, immobility, destitution. We need removal.
It is our unfortunate lot to shit, to eat, to piss; frankly, it's our lot to be trundled. It is no longer possible to believe in the prescience of the body . . . it sees nothing important, this is true. No human will reach transcendence until he no longer has to defecate, until he no longer has to associate himself with the lesser animals. It is true that humanity is a room full of chimps. What of it?
Let us speak with tender honesty:
We love you.
We feel that it advisable to deny the world and it's temptations. It has become necessary to compromise the body and it's appendages. Mankind is finished tribbling about on the field of the spirit. The best way to save the soul is to remove the body.
Of course, we mean telic amputation.

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