Mad Work

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"By Removal, it is Mad Work to Remove, the Truth can be made Pure." And so the first shot was fired -- into the rain barrel.

"I think I got him!" a generation cried.

The slogan, an essential perfidy toward the soul, has figured on the masthead of all official AA journals and newspapers. Always has, always will. It's a declaration to enjoin accretion, to sully it with ablative technologies -- to breath, in fact, by spitting.

Stimso Adid and Stimes Addisson discovered the phrase while simultaneously interrupting one another with quotes from William S. Burroughs and Pierre Reverdy, respectively. While interjecting phrases in a manic (and some report, drunken) manner -- the phrase formed itself "as a tautological manifestation of exactly what we needed to do next." (Adid, pg.12 Who We Are.) It has since been interpreted in various ways, the most primary of which is the relation of the phrase to certain Gnostic beliefs, such as those of the Phibionites, the Maronites and the AganoThomists.

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"Mad work isn't about beauty -- it's about what beauty did before it got here." - Solomon Witte, encouraged by drink.

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