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Wrestling almost certainly developed out of the physical struggles over food, territory and chicks which must of formed the warp and woof of our early hominid ancestors. Of course, primitive man would in this case be no different from any number of animals, whose rough tumbles and clawings, flips and eye-gouges must have inspired them. Even now, in other martial arts such as Karate, we see an infinite variety of animal forms which have given rise to intricate katas and moves. As Guileless Maccabee once remarked, "Animal behavior is where it's at."

To wrestle also gives rise to another sphere of human activity: that which Mazzistow Carrington calls the "metaphysical tussle." When men and woman are engaged in dilemmas practical, moral, spiritual or logistical, they are said to "wrestle with a problem." Perhaps the most famous example of this metaphor is to found in the Biblical story of Jacob wrestling the angel; after this struggle, represented as a literal event in the Book of Genesis, Yahweh renamed Jacob (עֲקֹב) Israel (יִשְׂרָאֵ) and destined him to become father of the Israelites.1 

Wrestling as a high school sport is notable because it allows nominally straight young men to release their pent-up homoerotic urges in a safe and community-sanctioned manner. Wearing skin-tight suits which show off bulges normally reserved for the Chippendales or Playgirl, young men grapple and impress their genitals into one anothers' flesh as in the most debauched of the ancient Roman orgies. In the spirit of sport, the young men are cheered on as they grunt, flex and groan into one another and ultimately succumb, falling flaccid to the mat once the energy built during the contest is given merciful release.

Other notable wrestlers include Hercules, writer John Irving, Andy Kaufman, Paul Wellstone (of Minneapolis), Hulk Hogan (of Tampa) and William Flintrock, a high school Tri-State Champion.

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Note 1:  In Islam Jacob is the Prophet Yaqub (يعقوب) which in American sect the Nation of Islam has become mad-scientist Yakub, who introduced strife into paradise by creating the white race with a succession of degraded copies from the original Black Man (see Michael Jackson).

According to Gaugin, the headlock has been a popular move since Biblical times.
According to Gaugin, the headlock has been a popular move since Biblical times.