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vapor a. 1. The intellectual, philosophical or aesthetic concerns of a mind inordinately possessed of the invisible. 2. The precedent conditions of an embodification, slaughtered on the altar where Abraham failed in duty. 3. Element of mind which constitutes the initial association of distracted intellection. 4. A concentration of artificially produced thought. 5. Emanations arising from post-associational accidents. 6. Immaterial or psychical factors influencing behavior; memory, notions of ancestry and lineage, love or ideology. 7. euph. A foolish notion, thought arising from whimsy or madness.


"While composing a little treatise on Eternity, I had the curiosity to place a mirror before me; and ere long saw reflected there, a curious involved worming and undulation in the atmosphere over my head." -- Melville. Moby-Dick.

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